I’ve bought a coaching package. Now what?

You’ll be receiving an email shortly with the next steps. You’ll be asked to fill out a coaching questionnaire, which will get you ready for your first energy coaching session.

How long before you contact me to schedule a date and time?

You’ll be able to choose an appointment before you pay for your session.

Do I have to schedule the calls on the same day and time each week?

Yes. You’ll be asked to choose a monthly appointment. For example, your call will take place every Tuesday at 8 p.m., or every third Saturday at 2 p.m. However, if you ever need to change your appointment due to scheduling conflicts, we’re always happy to accommodate you, providing you give us enough notice.

I have a regularly scheduled call, but something’s come up and now I can’t make it. Can I reschedule?

We understand that sometimes emergencies happen. If you contact us at least 24 hours before the call, we can reschedule that call as it fits into the schedule. If notification does not happen within 24 hours, we will not be able to reschedule, but you’ll still be charged for the call.

You say that you use Skype to manage coaching calls. Do I need to get a Skype account to participate?

You do NOT have to have a Skype account to participate in coaching calls. We will call you. We can call you either on Skype (if you have an account and prefer this option) or on your land line or mobile phone (US and Canada only). We regret that we cannot call mobile phones outside of the US and Canada.

Coaching calls include a lot of personal information. Who will have access to the call recordings?

Only you will have access to your call recordings. It will be emailed to you after your session and will never be shared with anyone else.

Do you do psychic readings? Can you tell me my future?

While we do connect with your energy and can often “read” your issues, we cannot tell you your future. People who offer this service are only able to tap into the possibility that you are MOST aligned with at this moment. Your future is not set in stone, and each decision you make, each thought you think, will alter your future. You decide what your future will be. What’s important is what you do and how you feel RIGHT NOW.

What exactly do you do during a coaching session?

We basically do two things: we connect with the energy of Who You Really Are (higher self, soul, etc.) and translate it for you so you can hear it more easily. You will receive precisely what you need and are ready for at that very moment.

While doing this, we raise our own energy to a very high level (we have to, to connect with your inner being), and focus that energy onto your higher self. This amplifies the vibration of Who You Really Are, making it easier for you to raise your own vibration and find the clarity you need.

By doing this, we create an energetic environment which supports you in your work by making it easier for you to shift to a higher vibration. We then translate whatever answers your inner being is sending towards you into clear, no BS, logical terms that are easy to understand.

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